You Can’t Always be a Contrarian

“Since the basic game is so favorable, Charlie and I believe it’s a terrible mistake to try to dance in and out of it based upon the turn of tarot cards, the predictions of “experts,” or the ebb and flow of business activity. The risks of being out of the game are huge compared to…

The Larry Swedroe 5/25 Rule

“Rebalancing, or the process of restoring a portfolio to its original composition, is integral to the winning investment strategy. It requires you to buy what has done relatively poorly (at relatively low valuations) and sell what has done relatively well (at relatively high valuations).” – Larry Swedroe Larry Swedroe has an interesting strategy for rebalancing…

Diversifying Across Time

“Diversify across securities, across asset classes, across markets – and across time.” – Charley Ellis Reader emailbag: I have been saving for a number of years and have a large cash balance that I would like to invest in the market.  Should I spread my purchases out or wait for the market to fall and…

Picture Me Rolling 5 Year Graphs

After running  a rolling 5 year performance graph of high yield bonds this week I received a request from a reader that was interested in seeing similar charts for a handful of other asset classes.

Time For a Check-up on High Yield Bonds

“In this type of environment, superior returns are more likely to be earned through minimizing mistakes than through stretching for yield. Rather than behaving aggressively, the search for return should involve risk control, caution, discipline and selectivity.” – Howard Marks